Jim Goldberg, New editor-in-chief of Fake Newsroom, meets with local reporters, Bruce Tomb and Michael Beacon.

Good and bad news.

Emily Barresi and Eric Ruby of Jim Goldberg’s Studio problem solve.

Stephen Goldstine and volunteers prepare an oral history.

Ousted editor Jason Fulford packs up his desk.
Photo: Rob Herrick

Two guys from Van Nuys

Giorgio de Chirico, patron saint of Fake Newsroom

Ready for publication

Day six, running out of floor space

Will Sultan's painting arrived from New York today.

"Alternative Factoids" film night at Fake Newsroom HQ with Canyon Cinema, curated by Antonella Bonfanti and Jeff Lambert. Program included The Black Tower by John Smith (still image below)

Mike Mandel, 34 years after the original Newsroom

End of day four

This piece of paper jammed our shredder.


Caitlyn Galloway paints our photo archive.

Day one: Jason Fulford under the gaze of Larry Sultan, Mike Mandel and John Glenn

Our book that records each published piece